Steven Rarick, President / Managing Engineer

A long career in music production lead to the creation of OGR Records.

Steve started his sound engineering career in High School setting up PA equipment for football games and other events. While studying Physics and Engineering at San Diego State University, he also played the bass and sang in various local bands. Since he was usually the only one with any technical knowledge or experience with sound systems, it became his responsibility to deal with the audio equipment. After post graduate study in Analog & Digital Signal Instrumentation and Acoustics, Steve decided to start his own business. He had already been providing sound systems for a few friends and other clients so it was an easy decision to formalize the arrangement and Sound Engineering Services was born. The first few years were spent providing live sound reinforcement for local customers. Eventually, opportunities to work with artists like Bill Acosta, and Bobby Caldwell started to occur. In 1997, Steve realized there was no one providing affordable location recording in the San Diego area. After a year of planning, advice gathering, and purchase of all new digital recording gear,  Sound Engineering Services introduced its remote recording service. Since then, Steve has had the pleasure of working with some of the most talented artists in the world.

In 2013, Steve decided that his heart was for musicians and bands leading worship in local churches. He set up a small independent record label, OGR Records LLC, that would cater specifically to those local artists to help them develop their skills and reach a wider congregation. Then in 2018, the opportunity to manage the San Diego landmark recording studio, Rolltop Studios presented itself.